Expert Witness Report

We specialize in Expert Witness for court and for the purposes of legal arbitration and mediation, on a wide range of Economic issues, Actuarial calculations, Business Valuations, Management, Pensions, Banking, Insurance, Balancing Resources between divorcing spouses, Compensation for bodily injuries and more, and are part of the court’s pool of experts. We also appear before the courts and in arbitration and mediation proceedings to provide expert testimony in support of the report.

The field is led by Yossi Dekel, who has a great reputation and experience, both in writing the expert opinion report, according to international standards at the highest level and in testifying in a court that supports the report, and clearly helps issues that need clarification and presentation to the court. Dekel’s experience and training both in the academic field and in senior positions in the economy, give validity and reputation to the report.

We are members of the Board of the Chamber of Valuators and Financial Actuaries in Israel – IAVFA.

For more information, please contact us by email: or call us: 972-54-4972205

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