Business Mediation & Arbitration

Disputes between people, whether of a business or personal nature, can usually be resolved more quickly, at a lower cost and under the control of the parties, when litigating outside the court. We will provide you with a team of experienced and successful mediators, consisting entirely of ‘people of people’, who understand the hearts of the mediation parties and strive for a quick resolution of the conflict, to their satisfaction, while presenting proven successes. We also offer dispute resolution by way of arbitration.

We specialize in economics, management, actuarial, business valuations, insurance, banking, and real estate. Disputes in these areas come to us daily. Often, after the dispute has reached the courts and after the parties have spent money on the legal proceedings. More than once we serve as mediators offered by the court or by the parties to the dispute.

We are dealing with crises in a different and creative approach, by a team of mediators, and arbitrators in a variety of fields, with comprehension and inclusion abilities, creativity and of course professional knowledge and experience, contributing to a quick resolution of conflict and party satisfaction.

For more information, please contact us by email: or call us: 972-54-4972205

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