k.o. Dekel & Co

k.o. Dekel & Co. aims to provide business and private clients with optimum services in economy, finance and business management, using advanced scientific tools while adhering to professional excellence and personal service tailored to customer needs all the way to the stage where the client expresses his entire satisfaction and becoming goodwill ambassador.

Our relationship with the customer begins with a personal sessions where we learn about the needs, present our position and coordinate expectations, to give the customer the best solution according to their needs, while adhering to the professional methodologies and advanced techniques in every field. From this moment, the customer is free to contact the company contact that willing to serve him even after office hours. Our activity ends with the delivery and client approval of work (in most cases the relationship is maintained throughout the years…).

Devoted team and professional experts provide their experience and expertise in various fields, including specialties in economics, finance, accounting, legal, consulting and business support, business strategy and experts who join us ad hoc to create added value in unique requirements.


K.O. Dekel & Co.

collaborates with leading global law and accountants firms

Mr. Dekel serves as a CEO at k.o. Dekel & Co. Accompanied by diverse business activities in Israel and worldwide. He serves as a business consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Economy, as Economic and Business Advisor for the Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Audit Committee. Mr. Dekel also has a reputation in business valuations, as an expert who provides an expert report for courts and an expert witness for court

Mr. Dekel previously served at senior management positions, including CEO at several companies in the field of technology and medical services, a banking corporation VP, District Manager and VP at a public insurance company, managed credit committees, served as Head of Anti-Money Laundering and more. He also served as an economic journalist and published a column in Forbes (Isr.) magazine

Currently he serves as a chairman, a member of several boards of directors, and as a lecturer in various economic areas. Mr. Dekel engaged with community and public activities and serves as a member of the Steering Committee in the University of Haifa and a chairman of the Investors – academics forum

Yossi Dekel is graduating MBA studies and holds B.A degree in Statistics and Mathematics both at Haifa University, a CLU (Isr.) degree from The American College of Financial Services, a graduate of Israeli Insurance College (Hons), holds a diploma in Business Valuation studies from Tel Aviv University, graduate of Business Valuation for Analists from Bar-Ilan University and holds a Diploma in Law studies from Haifa University